As experts in demolition, we recognize the new challenges, new application and new market demands that exist today. Robotic demolition is a concentration we have developed over the years as a result of seeking the perfect solution for safe and effective demolition.

Robotic demolition can meet today’s strict requirements for minimal downtime, efficiency, and safety. Demolition jobs are performed 6 to 8 times faster without the risks of personal injury involved with manual labor and hand-held tools. The compact size and easy maneuverability of the robot permits effective job performance in small / congested areas such as kilns, coolers, tanks, tile chests, incinerators and furnaces.

The robotic demolition system offers many positive benefits when used effectively including:

  • Unmatched operator safety due to the remote-control operation of the machine

  • Exhausted-free operations, given little-to-no air pollution

  • An agile and maneuverable method for maximum efficiency

  • Access to confined spaces that are not workable with traditional machinery

  • More power than a similarly-sized backhoe breaker

  • Reduced personnel exposure

  • Fewer personnel on the job site

  • Reduced downtime

  • Reduce overall project costs

  • Remote control operation

  • Easy maneuverability, compact

  • Tank and lining demolition

  • Concrete demolition

  • Tank nozzle installation

At JMR Demolition, we strive to ensure that at no point any member of our staff, site personnel or the public are put in harm’s way. Our use of robotic demolition allows us to adhere to the most stringent health and safety rulings, thereby guaranteeing the safety of everyone involved with the project.

Swift and Fast Services

Our robotic demolition service is offered for the safe, swift and quick removal of concrete structures with a variety of machines, which feature breaker, cruncher ad bucket attachments. Robotic demolition is a fast method to remove large concrete structures in a very secure way while maintaining the highest degree of safety for the machine operator.

Safety and Efficiency

Significant to the success of our remote-control demolition work, having top performing remote robotic machines. We continuously invest in remote controlled demolition machines to ensure maximum durability, safety, efficiency, power and precision of every deconstruction and demolition project. Additionally, being electrically driven, our machinery is fume-less to allow any work inside easily executed and friendly to the environment. We are properly equipped to perform work in the highest productivity form. Whether it is in immediate response to an emergency demolition situation or a careful controlled demolition job, we have the remote robotic demolition equipment ready to work for you.

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