Asbestos is a mineral fiber that occurs naturally in rock and soil. Asbestos fibers are strong resistant to chemicals and are a great insulator which are found throughout the world. It is used in over 3,000 products as there is a lot and it is cheap. The most common uses for asbestos is used for building products in floor tile, adhesives, roofing, transite siding, insulations and fireproofing. Surprisingly, most asbestos products are not banned. They are just not manufactured in the United States anymore, but the can still be found in hardware and building supply stores. Asbestos material can remain in buildings indefinitely as long as they are not a health threat.

Asbestos only become as health threat when it gets damaged and releases fibers into the air. Most exposures to asbestos fibers happen during demolition or renovations. They can also happen during more subtle activities such as vibrations, water damage and aging. Anything that causes asbestos fibers to become airborne is a potential health threat. Once inhaled, asbestos is known to cause lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. There is no cure for asbestosis or mesothelioma. This is why asbestos is highly regulated and as asbestos experts, we are highly specialized and experienced in all types of asbestos related work, including asbestos surveys and asbestos removals.

Our team of professionals will come and do an initial inspection of the area where asbestos abatement is needed. We will get you a quick and accurate quote to have one of our certified professionals come and remove this material in a timely and safe fashion while following all safety procedures for removal and clean-up.

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We are capable of handling the removal, packing, disposal and documentation of items, making the process streamlined and carefree for the client. We have the expertise, the experience and the equipment advanced systems, and fully trained and certified workers, we can help meet your legal, health and safety requirements.

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You’re assured of satisfactory results when you put our highly trained professionals on the job. Properties like yours have been cleared off and protected from hazardous materials by our company for years without a lot of unnecessary drama. Your concerns will be understood and addressed and situations explained to you in the language you will understood.

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Remember, if asbestos is not handled properly and with the right equipment, you could become very sick and expose your entire home or business to asbestos. If you think your home has asbestos or you just want to have peace of mind, please call 915-858-0376 today. Our asbestos experts will inspect your home and determine if you have asbestos and decide what course of action should be taken.

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